On lemon pound cakes. Or house-hunting. Or being bitter.

Imagine walking into Starbucks, FINALLY, after you have been fighting a day-long sweet tooth, stood patiently in line, walked up to the counter only to be told that the person in front of you bought the last Iced Lemon Pound Cake they had.

Yes, I am equating this house-hunting process to Starbucks pastries. And no, I see no issues with that.

Then imagine you tuck in your pouty lip, and go find another Starbucks, and you see that lucious, zesty Iced Lemon Pound Cake just flirting with you from the case. She's a beaut. And you order it, and your giddy and your mouth is watering, and the barista tells you that she's going to cost you roughly 4x what she's worth. And you try to reassure them that all other Starbuck's only sell them for a fraction of the cost, but the barista isn't budging.

And you untuck your pouty lip, and hand the most perfect little pound cake back, and walk out the door.

And every other Starbucks sucks. And every other pound cake has sucked since then. And you are about to become paleo just so you can't even EAT a pound cake even if you found one.

I'm not bitter or anything. I'm totally cool with house-hunting. I don't take it personally, or get upset, or fall in love with any of the houses. Me? No. Nooo.

We're back to square one. For the third time. Blah blah blah, don't try feeding me the 'we'll stumble upon the most perfect one when we least expect it' line, my level of patience is on par with that of a toddler.

Also, I've really been craving a lemon pound cake.


Jen said...

Ugh the house hunting process is so damn frustrating!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

This is a perfect illustration. So sorry, friend! Here's hoping you find the perfect one soon!

Kenzie Smith said...

House hunting is such a pain! I am sorry you are having to start back at square one again. We are in the midst of getting our home put on the market and I am dreading trying to find a new home ha ha.

Margaret said...

I can agree and relate at the same time. We fell in love with a house and took too long making an offer. The house of my dreams sold for $500 less than we offered because we were counting pennies instead of looking at the big picture. Now every other lemon pastry looks crusty and old to me, time to refocus.