Recoccuring FOMO brings me back here often.

To this very page. This page, that you can't see, because if you're reading this it means I've actually hit the Publish button... this page is the draft page. At this exact moment there are 83 posts sitting unpublished in my draft page.

Fear of Missing Out. Which is weird. Because blogging is just rehashing your own life, so what am I fearing - missing moments of my own life?

But it's the truth. Because right now, I struggle to remember little moments I never wanted to forget. Moments from when I was in Ireland, or when I was receiving 'no more cancer!" results from my niece's doctor, or the moments when I first started letting myself fall in love again.

Those are the stories I miss sharing. Those are the stories I miss re-reading in two, four, seven years. Do yourself a favor though, don't go back to those 2009 posts. They're REAL awkward. I'd like to think at some point I developed a voice, and this place was halfway fun. Those first posts were anything but.

So, as with all things in life lately, I've decided it's time to put an effort to put my heart back into everything I once loved. Because why would I waste my life doing anything I wasn't absolutely crazy about?!


Jen said...

Happy for you friend!!! :)

Alyssa said...

Yay!! I keep going back and forth about blogging again. Glad to see you're back!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Yea! I need to do this too but for now I still read the blogs.. I miss looking back on it too. I recently was listening to the Serial podcast and she opens it up with do you remember what you did and where you shopped etc or ate on that specific day.. I'm like - no but my blog might haha.