october: currently

tasting soy chai latte. i'm not even anti-dairy but what is it about soy that makes tea so much tastier?

smelling like a smorgasbord of perfume. I forgot I wore Tom Ford yesterday, and sprayed on TokyoMilk today. Much to my surprise I'm kind of digging the mix though. (Who showers daily. Ain't nobody got time for that)

eagerly awaiting australia. Five weeks from today!

listening to tom petty & the heartbreakers. probably all day long. it's one of those days.

debating taking this braid out. I have a serious complex when I wear a braid, I feel like such a child.

making an effort to cook more. It's easier (and honestly cheaper half the time, since I'm not a fan of leftovers) to eat out... but I truly think I enjoy this whole 'cooking' thing. It's kind of fun to me!?

giggling at this debate i'm having with a friend regarding my self-proclaimed introverted personality. He disagrees. This might actually need it's own blog post.

learning to just BE happy because I decide to be, and ignore any/all outside factors

wondering why certain people have crossed my path, and what their role is in the 'big picture'

realizing that my birthday is only 10 days away, and I have zero excitement about it

anticipating my follow-up appointment with my surgeon next week. i've tried to get in touch with him twice regarding symptoms, with no return phone call warranted. not a happy camper

wanting to completely redo my upstairs bathroom. paint, floors, new sink, the whole shebang. yikes.

smiling that it's baby Friday, and another weekend is well on it's way!



Amanda aka Manda said...

You look pretty today- leave the braid in! It definitely is a Tom Petty day today. Thank God it's Thursday!

I'm working on just being happy too! And I'm wondering the same thing about certain people as well.

Jen said...

Oh how I love Tom Petty!

Aly said...

Love the braid, it looks so cute! Also, I made your girlfriend cookies last night... I ate my weight in cookie dough last night, and I'm not even mad about it. Best cookies ever!

Caroline said...

I can't wait to hear about your Australia trip. I know it'll be amazing!