Mixer & Mingle Fridays: Broke Girl Punch

Remember that time my boyfriend got shipped off to Chicago to work this intense, big money, big boy job and I was all "woe is me. Wahh wahhh' Eeyore day in and day out. And then I started to get the hang of things and then a slim 8 days later his company called him up and said 'pack'er boys we're sendin you home.'

Go ahead, please, join me in a blank death stare.

That's right, LT is now packed up and leaving the windy city. I won't even get into how ridiculous this all is.

I will, however, tell you that it makes me need a drink.

This punch came to form a few weeks ago when I had my girlfriends over for a BGNI (Broke Girls Night In) everyone brought some food, I provided the booze, and we spent a good four hours sitting around my dining room table stuffing our faces, drinking, gossiping and ranting. GLORIOUS.

I decided the first official BGNI needed an official drink, thus
Broke Girl Punch was born.

(2) Coronas (or Bud Light Lime, I used one of each - it's what I had)
(2) Frozen Limeade concentrates
(1) 2 liter Cherry 7-Up
Cruzan Black Cherry Rum

Pour the Limeade and Coronas into a pitcher, add about half the 2 liter of Cherry 7-Up, add about half the bottle of rum. Taste. Add more rum. Taste. Add more rum. Continue until your pleased. Serve over ice in red solo cups. (Hello, it's Broke Girl Punch, don't go gettin all fancy with glassware)

It tastes like Cherry Limeade with a kick. Enjoy!



christin said...

OMG I need to make this...in 20 days.

Anonymous said...

YUM! I may have to try this one soon!
Also, glad your man is coming home! Exciting!

Mary said...

The drink sounds delish!

Great news about LT! I'm so happy for you two! If you guys are ever in Chicago, though, let me know haha :)

Carolyn said...

The drink sounds yummy!

And yay for the man coming back! That sucks that he moved all the way there though! And that he's out of a job! Hopefully he finds a new (CLOSER) one soon! :)

Holly said...

1. WHAT?! LT is on his way back?! I mean that's great news, but what?! Oy!

2. We'll have to have a broke girls night in when we get the chance to visit each other someday.

3. God, I hope they are serving that deliciousness at the wedding I'm going to tonight!

buddhist_nymph said...

BGNI, I love it! As college students, me and my girls have plenty of these lol I think I'll replace the cherry with strawberry though to suit my palet. Thanks for the punch recipe though :)

PrettyPhysicist said...

um, that punch sounds delish!

Amanda said...

Holy guacamole! Now we most definitely need to catch up tomorrow...like whattt?!?!