Tuesday ramblings

I read 'Gone Girl' while I was at the beach last week. Maybe I missed something, because my desire to rave about it like everyone else has is FAR from there.

I literally finished the last page, sat my iPad down and replied "That was the DUMBEST book I have read in a long time." Which was truly how I felt, a 'long time' measuring the amount of time between that day and the day I finished 'Girls in White Dresses'. Perhaps that's why I rarely read the quote unquote popular books. They just aren't my thing....

Although 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me' was a pretty good one, I will hand that one to you, popular society.

Up to this point in the post I've wondered if I'm correctly using book titles, or if you're even supposed to add ' to them. Unfortunately for you and the rest of the internet I don't care enough to actually go Google it though.

The world is weird right now. I think that was my original point of this post. America is slowly losing it's fascination with dumping water on their heads, planes are being shot out of the sky, Ebola is running rampant, China's building islands and terrorists are cutting off heads.  Meanwhile I'm just sitting here making pretty pictures of liquor, trying to figure out if my blouse would have looked better with white jeans (despite the fact it's after Labor Day. I believe in a good winter white. Err, autumn white?) 

Which genuinely makes me sound like an egotistical, self-centered asshole. Maybe I am. It's not that I'm not concerned with the destruction of the world around me (dramatic, much?) It's just that it's overwhelming so I'll just sit here and pick at the lint on my black pants and pop Junior Mints into my mouth.

And count down the days until Belize. (sixteen, if you were curious) 


Lauren said...

I didnt like Gone Girl either. So weird, and that ending? Seriously? No thanks

Michelle W said...

I got a sample of gone girl on my kindle when it first came out, it didn't catch my interest right away so I didn't buy the whole book. Just yesterday I asked for book suggestions and since its a movie now, everyone was suggesting gone girl. I wassss thinking of giving it another go but now I think I'll stick with my first instinct.
any books you would suggest?

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Shut up your going to belize in 16 days?! You just got back from your other vacation?? But on the upside.. I leave for Cancun in 11 days! :)

Um yes.. Gone Girl.. LAME it was horrible.. Really that ending though? Like really? Ugh..

Jen said...

I refuse to read Gone Girl, I have heard too many bad things about it.

Lex said...

I'm reading Gone Girl right now, and now I'm nervous. I've liked it so far, so I guess we'll see!

Also - I'm crazy jealous of your Junior Mints popping.

Jess said...

I hardly ever make it through the "popular" books. I did like the Hunger Games though so I guess its situational. Not even attempting to read Gone Girl.

R said...

I couldn't stand Gone Girl or Girls in White Dresses. I thought they were both awful! I read a lot of "popular" books on deployment and couldn't help but wonder what everyone was seeing that I was missing. I felt the same way about The Fault is in Our Stars. I wasn't nearly as moved by that as everyone else was.

Anonymous said...

I loved Gone Girl; couldn't put it down. However, Sharp Objects was terrible.

Also- books are either italicized or underlined. Just fyi. ;)